Polaris Press portfolio


I am a freshman at Ann Richards and this year was my first time being on the newspaper staff at my school, ARS Polaris Press. Being a staff writer was really fun to do, my writing skills grew from just being creative writer to writing more structured pieces. Such as movie reviews or sports overviews. I am really proud of what I have accomplished this school year and I hope I can carry what I have learned as a writer with me. My favorite things to write are Creative pieces, and advice columns, in my school next print edition I wrote an advice column for incoming freshman, since I am finishing my freshman year and eighth graders might have worries I took it upon myself to help them out with this piece. I loved thinking about the things I did and wished I did differently and I like helping others so I really felt passionate about it.

I mess up a lot with things I am not familiar with, such as my first piece that was published in our first print edition. An informational piece about the time change in the winter, I had no idea how to format it and I didn’t know much about the time changes at all.  So that piece taught me how to do good research and going in depth with information. My other skill that needed more work was interviews, I hated doing them and my piece after Donald Trump was elected president was one of the first that helped me work on that.


One of the best pieces in my opinion is my ideas of things to do on Valentine’s day, this piece made me think of what others would do or who they would do it with. I had to think of many types of people there were, family people, people who have lots of friends, single people, people with a significant other many things. Also had to think of things to do around town that were fun or things that didn’t cost much money, I had some help from another student on the newspaper staff to make sure everything looked good. But the hardest thing to for this piece was just formatting it and staying away from editorializing and putting in my opinion when it wasn’t needed. But all in all I think i did pretty good. Click on the link to read this piece.



Another piece I am very proud of is my Color guard overview, this piece tested my skill of interviewing and getting information on the Color guard season. It was my first sports piece and I struggled with adding in things that weren’t important not going deep enough in information. I had to come up with interview questions for the Color guard director and students who were on the team, it wasn’t that hard to come up with questions and it wasn’t that hard to interview either. So this piece improved my interviewing skills from what they were at the beginning of the year. To read that piece click the link.



The two pieces that I think I progressed well from one to the other were informational pieces, one on the time change in the winter and the Trail of Lights here in Austin Tx. My time change piece had so much information that it was confusing in places, like paragraphs were very choppy and it didn’t flow very well. And I didn’t notice it until it was edited by staff editors, and I was not good with clarification. In my Trail of lights piece My clarification got a lot better along with research skills. I didn’t know much about the Trail of Lights so this was fun to research, along with making the piece flow a lot better than the first one I had done. I also feel like my content was very good from Time Change to the Trail of lights, To be very honest I liked doing the Trail of Light piece way better than the Time Change because I was writing about something that I really liked compared to something that I really had no idea why it started, hence the researching.




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